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Anthony Davis Speaks Out

Anthony Davis recently expressed his feelings about being overlooked for the Defensive Player of the Year award. During a press conference, he openly discussed his disappointment and the criteria that might have led to his exclusion. Davis emphasized several points about his season performance and contributions. He highlighted his defensive statistics and compared them with league averages.

Statistical Breakdown

Anthony Davis pointed out several key defensive metrics from his season:

  • Blocks per game: Davis averaged 2.5 blocks per game, placing him in the top 3 among all players.
  • Defensive rebounds: He recorded an average of 8.2 defensive rebounds, showcasing his ability to control the boards.
  • Steals: Davis averaged 1.6 steals per game, ranking within the top 15 in this category.
  • Defensive Win Shares: His Defensive Win Shares stood at 3.1, reflecting his overall impact on team defense.

Davis argued that these statistics underscore his defensive prowess and warrant consideration for the Defensive Player of the Year. He also compared his stats with those of the award nominees, demonstrating that his numbers were comparable, if not superior, in several areas.

Team Impact

Anthony Davis also emphasized his influence on his team’s overall defensive performance. The Los Angeles Lakers ranked in the top 5 for defensive efficiency, attributing much of their success to Davis’s presence on the floor. He stressed that his ability to guard multiple positions and contribute to team defense goes beyond individual stats. Here are some of his contributions:

  • Guarding multiple positions with efficiency
  • Providing critical blocks during key moments in games
  • Enhancing team defensive strategies through leadership

Davis discussed the importance of his role in leading the team’s defensive efforts and how his versatility allowed the Lakers to implement various defensive schemes effectively.

ArenaPlus Perspective

To delve deeper into Anthony Davis’s reaction and analysis, you can visit ArenaPlus for a comprehensive breakdown of his season statistics and expert opinions on his contributions. Any basketball enthusiast or analyst can see that Davis's defensive impact was significant and deserved recognition.


Anthony Davis’s reaction to being snubbed for the Defensive Player of the Year award sheds light on the intricate dynamics of award selections. His statistical achievements and team contributions underscore his importance in the league's defensive conversation. While the decision is ultimately made by a panel of experts, Davis’s case presents a compelling argument for a review of the criteria and consideration process.

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